"Memory is the space in which a thing happens for a second time." - Paul Auster  
This is the place where the universe expands.
Bed became of my own world after living just in one room for years. During these times, I discovered the universe is a place that can fit in a bed. 
This is a story of being aware of my own change but not being able to recognize the things that have been changing. Recording my moments with a camera was my hope to discover one question that has been turning in my head over and over: "Is it possible for a human being to observe or develop empathy herself?"
"Moments" happen again and again in here. These captures are my hope; the ones bring me the smell of those moments and sooner or later will show me what has changed.
Bed comes. Bed goes. Bed changes. But there's always a bed even if it's in a memory.
Inkjet print, Exhibited on handmade display 
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