The purpose of this five weeks long project was to explore how speed lights can be used to create different atmosphere and to reflect different moods. Second purpose was to discover the possible ways to use speed lights to shoot ‘objects’ rather than live subjects. 
Same apples have shot one’s a week – on the same day- for five weeks. First week, apples photographed with no single bite. Second week, they were bitten. Last three weeks were the observation for their natural transformation.
During this five weeks process, usage of the lights has changed correspondingly to the apple's changed form. To be able to reflect this transformation of the apples, I also preferred to create different backgrounds in each week’s photoshoot. I believe background change supported strongly speed light effects.
This was a photoshoot process to explore ‘How photography can be chosen as a medium for an art project and how the speed lights can be used non-traditionally to create a still life work?’ This work helped me to realize,  photography is not a limited medium for an artist.
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